TOGETHER, We Are Portland.

Together by Local Image was created as an avenue to support our local business community. As a marketing agency built solely on helping local businesses succeed we are launching Together, an ongoing campaign, to support small companies and local initiatives. The idea for together was born in the face of the global COVID-19 Pandemic, where we have seen so much of our local economy being negatively affected. We believe that when we band together, we build a stronger foundation to help our community flourish.


Thank You, Portland!

We are so grateful to our community for participating in our together campaign. We decided to tread unfamiliar waters and launch a fundraising portion of our company- and because of YOU, we made it happen. Although we had higher hopes for the end result of the first initiative- we were still able to raise a substantial amount of money to donate back to our local restaurants. Because of you- we raised a total profit of $5,040 to divide between the selected restaurants. We express our gratitude to every one of you that ordered merchandise shared the cause, and helped us make this happen! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates as we issue the checks to each establishment. We had so much fun with this campaign that we will be continuing it by supporting new causes within our community. Follow along for updates on that as well.

Together we are stronger- and together we are portland 🖤

dollars Raised for local restaurants

Our together gear is still available with limited inventory! All profits from sales going forward will be held for our next initiative. 


Together’s first initiative is one that is close to our hearts. We feel so blessed to live in a community that is so driven by local businesses and stands together through the good and the bad. At the core of our city, Portland, Maine, is our hospitality industry. Portland bars and restaurants bring billions of dollars of revenue into our community every year. Not only are they financially a huge component of our economy, but they make us who we are as a city. So much culinary excellence, cocktail magic, intimate and inspiring atmospheres where we close deals and connect with loved ones. They create jobs and opportunities for so many in our diverse city. They give tourists a real taste of who we are as Maine’s most prominent city: Unique and Individualistic. Behind all of these establishments are dedicated local Mainers who have devoted their lives and livelihood to bringing us their own unique dining experience.

It is our turn to step up and be there for them.

selected establishments

Through a careful voting and selection process the restaurants below have been chosen for our first initiative.

Guidelines we considered:
2 or less locations
Locally owned and operated
They themselves support local where possible
The level of impact COVID has taken on them


 100% of all profits

will be divided between these establishments. As much as we want to help them all, we have to start somewhere! Let’s help these Portland staples by easing some financial burden. Our hope is we will see each of them open their doors at the end of this pandemic- and if they are unable to do so we hope these funds will be a way of saying thank you, and helping them navigate that difficult process.


100% of all profits will be donated to the initiative above. All products are unisex. Shipping is inclcuded.


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